Maternal Child Health

The Maternal Child Health program serves Baltimore City pregnant women, their babies, and families by helping them navigate the health care system to get the health care services they need. We also connect families to needed community resources to help them be successful.


The Maternal Child Health Improvement Program is the single point of entry for identifying Baltimore City’s High Risk Pregnant Women and Infants. Community doctors and hospitals identify pregnant women and infants who need case management services such as the Baltimore City Health Department Maternal and Infant Nursing program or home visiting partner program.The goal of the program is to provide comprehensive assessments and education that result in lower infant mortality and morbidity in Baltimore City.Our Family Advocates educate the pregnant/postpartum woman on navigating the Medicaid managed care system as well as the Family Planning Waiver and the Maryland Children’s Health Program. Women and families are linked to community resources for infant safety, parenting, job readiness, addiction treatment, and domestic violence support agencies. In collaboration with the HCAM Care Coordination program, identified clients with complex medical and social needs are assessed by Registered Nurses and licensed Social Workers to receive the highest level of outreach education and coordination of care.


HCAM helps families who are struggling financially to secure needed resources. One of the most important baby items families need to purchase is a crib. Baltimore City has an alarming rate of infant deaths caused by improper sleeping conditions including co-sleeping with a parent or sibling, soft bedding or stuffed animals in the infants crib, or allowing the infant to sleep on a sofa or chair. Babies should sleep alone, on their backs in their own crib free of soft bedding, pillows or other items.

We can help families who are unable to afford a crib locate resources. Families call 410-649-0526.